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15 and 16 August 2015 :  11am to 7pm

Great discounts upon order just for this weekend:  UP to 15% Discount Plus further $50 Rebate !*

Choose from a wide range of systems.  Bring along your floorplan.

Credit Card and Nets Payment Accepted.

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Choose from our manually-operated systems to our automated systems with a few of our popular systems shown below:

Our Best-Selling Ez Hi-dry ! Read what one of our customer has blogged about this at


Made in Australia.
Comes with 6 poles of 1.2m,
1.5m and 1.8m length.

Fully stainless steel arms and poles.
Great for balconies and backyards.


A simple yet heavy-duty indoor laundry
system called Ez Lift

Ez Q6 (AUTO) at aircon ledge of Aspen Heights
condo – a commonly used area to hang
laundry in many condos



Ez Foldowns are excellent in hanging
large-sized laundry like bedsheets,
towels and curtains.


Safe for users and Makes use of the Sun’s
energy to dry clothes !


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Not forgetting those home-owners who love animals and getting Ez Living’s systems for their new homes, we will continue to give 3% of our sales proceeds to Causes for Animals Singapore ( CAS ) TILL December 2015 This January till December 2015, we will continue our Charity Drive which is to extend financial assistance to an Animal

Click our here for more details of this Charity Drive

Causes for Animals Singapore (CAS) is the AWG that we have selected since June 2014 !


So if you require a Clothesline system from us,
you will also be helping animals in need.


3% of all net Sales proceeds will go to our selected AWG – Causes for Animals Singapore (CAS)

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