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EZ Hi-dry

EZ Hi-dry
EZ Hi-dry EZ Hi-dry
Product Code: EZ Hi-dry
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Made in Australia

  • Minimum effort to pull via a pull-down rod
  • 6 poles projected outside window and returned with one simple movement
  • Returns to ceiling unaided



  • Nylon Fibreglass
  • Metal galvabond rust proof
  • Powder coated white for further rust-proofing



Where can the Hi-Dry be installed?
A: Designed for indoor or indoor-outdoor use, the Hi-Dry can be installed in any residential homes, staff quarters, hotels or even in public institutions such as hospices.

How about yards with false ceiling?

A: There are two options. Wall-mounted brackets are positioned for the installation; OR the plaster-board ceiling is cut open for the mounting of a ceiling bracket onto the soffit before re-plastering the false ceiling around the bracket.

Will the Hi-Dry be reachable at down-loaded position if the floor to ceiling is more than 2.4 metres high?
A: The ideal height to hang laundry on Hi-Dry is at user’s eye-level plus 0.3 metres. Depending on the user, the vertical displacement at down-loaded position can be extended lower with use of the ceiling bracket or wall brackets.

What is the load that the Hi-Dry can hold?
A: The Hi-Dry can hold up to 18kg (approximately 3 washloads of the standard 5.5kg load capacity)

Why use the Hi-Dry?

  • Many homes in today’s high-rise condominiums and HDBs have limited living area and outside drying of washing helps to free up floor access.
  • Air-drying is preferred over the use of electric dryers as the air-drying does not harm the fabric of some clothing, conserves electrical power and reduces excess heat in the home.
  • Normal hot air in the house rises to the ceiling and therefore provides the ideal location to air-dry the wash.
  • The method of positioning bamboo poles laden with spun-dry wash outside the home is heavy, dangerous and inconvenient


EZ Hi-Dry Product Demonstration – Standard system with the Swivel Plate, an add-on feature

EZ Hi-Dry Reverse Orientation in Operation

EZ Hi-Dry (Condos)


Hi-Dry In Reverse Orientation




EZ Hi-Dry (HDB)



Swivel Options




EZ Hi-Dry (Landed Homes)


EZ Hi-Dry (Projects)