EZ Wattle Twin Line Retractable



EZ Wattle Twin Line Retractable

  • $188.00

Product Description

Twin line retractable clothesline

  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Small and compact
  • Retracts automatically



Perfect for indoor or outdoor use the EZ Wattle Single Line Retractable provides a number of drying solutions. Whether it’s as emergency drying in the balcony, bathroom or temporary drying while picnicking by the beach the compact design provides a great alternative to conventional drying options

Available in two models:  EZ Wattle Single Line Retractable with 15-meter retractable line and EZ Wattle Twin Line Retractable with two 12 meters retractable lines.

Country: Australia

Size: 24m of line space (2 lines x 12m), retracts automatically.

Material: Lightweight UV-treated plastic body with flexible tubular UV PVC lines.

Load capacity: Up to 10kg

Product Warranty: 1 year