EZ Dry-Wave TG1609 (Designer Series)

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EZ Dry-Wave TG1609 (Designer Series)

  • $322.00

Product Description

Stylish indoor ceiling mounted holder

  • 2014 Good Design Award
  • Stylish design, minimalist and aesthetically pleasing
  • Easy to use


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EZ Dry-Wave TG1609’s (Designer Series) stylish, clean lines  suggest minimalism and a reduction of clutter in favor of a sleek functional design. Thanks to their simple and practical design they are a key part of any closet, living room or bedroom. Oh! And did we mention that this design won 2014 Good Design Award?


Country: Japan

Size: 86mm (W) x 56mm (D) x 1730mm (L) (pole size 1600 mm)

Material: Aluminium extrusion, stainless steel, ABS, POM, PA6 resin, etc.

Color: White body with black pedestal

Load: 8kg

Gross weight: 3.8kg

Product Warranty: 1 year