Ez Dry-Wave SF Series


Smart Laundry Rack Models for Condos

EZ Dry-Wave SF Series

  • $245.00

Product Description

With 5 color variations and abundant size development, we have realized a lineup of more than 15 ways. With its slim, sophisticated design and reliable quality, it can be used in any situation.




Arm operation

The arm has two operations, diagonally upward and retractable.
■ When moving from the stowed state to the diagonally upward direction, lift the arm until it stops and rotate it toward you.
■ When storing from an obliquely upward direction, rotate the arm until it is vertical and then gently lower it.
Make sure the arm is firmly fixed.

Slide pillar operation

■ When raising the slide pillar, lift the slide pillar. The pillars are fixed where you hear a click.
■ When lowering the slide pillar, be sure to operate it with both hands. If you lift the slide pillar a little, the operation knob will move to the wall side. Gently lower the slide column while pressing the operation knob toward the wall.

"please note"

Do not forcibly operate the stopper lever without lifting the slide column. The stopper mechanism may be damaged.

Country: Japan


SF55: 35.7 mm x Depth 537 mm x Height 1334 mm Width (2.8kg)

Material: Extruded aluminum profile, aluminum die casting, PP, etc.

Load Capacity: 30kg (per set)

Product Warranty: 1 year


Black (K), Dark Bronze (BKC), Stain Color (ST), Silver (S), White (W)

Unit 1 set: 2 pieces

Load capacity:

30kg (per set)