Ez 1 Level Foldable Hanger and Shelf (Wall)


Smart Laundry Rack Models for Condos

EZ 1 Level Foldable Hanger and Shelf (Wall)

  • $299.00

Product Description

  • Multipurpose drying rack, storage and hanger
  • Ideal for dress rooms, closets, bathrooms and above washing machines
  • Easy setup
  • Stainless steel bar and stylish design
  • Optimize under-utilized areas and is perfect for small living spaces



Ez 1 level foldable hanger and shelf (wall) is a functional space saver ideal for laundry rooms and bathrooms.

This well-thought design optimizes small areas and makes any room feel spacious.

When needed, it extends easily into a 1-tiered rack. When not in use, the rack folds away compactly.

Country: Korea

Size: 615, 815, 1015 x 320, 420 x 160mm

Rods: 4 or 5

Material: Aluminum, Zinc, 12.7Φ Stainless Steel Rods

Color: White with Natural Finish

Working load: 15kg