EZ Artdry

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EZ Artdry

  • $198.00

Product Description

High quality wall-mounted concealable towel bar

  • Designed for the beautiful bathroom
  • Ingenious, concealable technology
  • 5 Plastic-coated steel rods, towel bar steel
  • Towel rod with hooks
  • Saves space in resting position


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EZ Artdry is designed for the beautiful bathroom. Concealable technology,  with towel bar and 2 hooks. Installation kit and gauge included. Drying length 8,7 m, carrying capacity 12 kg.

Country: Austria

Size: 4 inches/ 10cm (H) x 27.5 inches/ 70cm (L)


(i)   5 Plastic-coated steel rods

(ii)  Towel rod with hooks

Load Capacity: Up to 12kg

Product Warranty: 1 year