EZ Ruckzuck JR

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EZ Ruckzuck JR

  • $399.00

Product Description

Wall-mounted retractable rack (Clothespin not included)

  • Stylish yet sturdy design
  • Retractable when not in use



This innovative rust-resistant EZ RuckZuck JR is great for any spaces with unused walls. The retractable nature of this product is the result of a durable mechanism which allows fluid movement between the hinges of the stainless steel arms. Its stylish design allows for the extreme resilience it can withstand with heavy laundry load. EZ Ruckzuck JR is ideal when you need drying space but the yard space is at a premium.

Country: Korea

Size: 34cm (H) x 13cm (D), 53cm (D) when fully extend out

Poles: 4

Material: Stainless Steel Poles 201 & Polycarbonate.

Load Capacity: Up to 30kg

Product Warranty: 1 year