EZ Retractable (sand Color)


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EZ Retractable (Sand)

  • $515.00

Product Description

Retractable clothesline

  • Small, compact and space saving.
  • Lines Extend out effortlessly when required and retract away out of sight when not in use
  • Easy to operate line locking mechanism



EZ Retractable offers space saving outdoor drying without compromising hanging space. With lines extending out to a maximum of 7 meter, EZ Retractable provides 35 meter of drying space and easily accommodates any sheet size.

Featuring a corrosion resistant long lift powder coated steel cabinet, each line has its own independent spring tensioned spool for tangle free operation. With less than the single turn of the handle the line locking mechanism tension and securely locks all lines.

Post Mount Kits are available separately for wall to post and post to post installation.

Size of cabinet:

4-Line: 130mm (H) x 636mm (W) x 202mm (D)

5-Line: 130mm (H) x 766mm (W) x 202mm (D)

6-Line: 130mm (H) x 896mm (W) x 202mm (D)

Material: Long lift powder coated steel case with UV stabilized Nylon.

Color: Sand Color.

Load Capacity: 7 meters line holds up to 28kg.

Installation option: Wall to wall or Post to wall.

Mechanism: Lock all lines with a single turn

Product Warranty: 2 years