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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


To use a coupon code, simply follow the following steps:

Go to Checkout

Fill in all required information

Select 'Enter your coupon here'

In the Discount section, key in your coupon code and click on 'USE COUPON CODE'

Only one voucher code can be used per order. If you have more than one voucher, you may use them for your next purchase!

Coupon code restrictions

Voucher codes are non-refundable and non-exchangeable for cash. No replacement vouchers will be issued for refunded items which have been paid for with vouchers.

Unable to use coupon code

If you are unable to use a voucher code, please contact us at

EZ LIVING Welcome Code

1. You need to sign up as a EZ Living member with a verified e-mail address to receive the welcome code.

2. Coupon code is only valid on EZ

3. Coupon code is only valid for EZ Living Member and applicable on their first order.

4. Coupon code applies for everything except promotional items.

5. EZ LIVING PTE LTD Singapore reserves the right to change the promotion at their own discretion.


The Bella & WH series (Bella, W4-XF, W4-H & W4-1000) provides the effortless in lifting up your heavy laundry load. W4-H provides true sun drying effect on your laundry, resulting in not just faster drying; it kills germs, bacteria and prevents odours without the use of Ultraviolet. W4-XF has UV-lights to sterilize laundry without having the heat emitting out.

Yes, we will be dismantling at no additional cost when you purchase any system from us.

All systems are integrated with the LED light for illuminating purposes so that you get to enjoy all the benefits one. Save even more without having to purchase any additional ceiling light!

Bella & WH Series is only for indoor use. (e.g. in yards; at balcony)

For Indoor-outdoor system click here.

No! The heavy lifting function is rated only 0.00001 kWh / less than 10 cents of electricity per month. And the Solar function is rated only 0.92 kWh, at least 9 times more energy efficient than conventional dryer! (Energy consumption audit calculation formula and information from SP services)

How low can the Bella Series be lowered?

It can be lowered to 1.35m and 1.8m (can be customized) respectively. Suitable for high ceilings.


Can I contact you for on-site assessment?

Yes, you can contact us for a free on-site assessment so that we can offer you the best solution.