EZ Lift 5ss (Gear System)


Smart Laundry Rack Models for Condos

EZ Lift 5ss (Gear System)

  • $619.00

Product Description

Manual clothes hanger with gear system

Site assessment is required

*Cut & Patch of False Ceiling work and or Wall Brackets will be used if ceiling is plasterboard or if floor-to-ceiling height is more than 2.5m

  • Indoor use
  • Upward and downward movement by pulling ball-chain
  • CNC Cut Aluminium Gearbox
  • 4 Worm gear mechanism makes pulling up a heavy load effortless
  • Lock mechanism prevents system from slipping
  • Clutch mechanism prevents overloading
  • Child and elderly safe

Ez Protect


EZ Lift 5ss can be mounted on the ceiling or wall via a set of brackets. It offers only upwards/ downwards motion for air-drying wash. EZ Lift 5ss consists of 5 poles and is activated by a gear and clutch mechanism. The gear helps to lighten the load when the system is raised to the ceiling. The clutch mechanism prevents over-loading. Worm gear deceleration technology makes pulling up a heavy load effortless. The drying rack position can be adjusted by pulling up and down the ball-chain.


Why use the EZ-Lift?

1. Many home units in today’s high-rise condominiums have limited living area and building regulations in some estates may not encourage outside drying of washing that has exposure to the street front.

2. Air drying is preferred over the use of electric dryers as the air-drying does not harm the fabric of some clothing, conserves electrical power and reduces excess cumulated heat inside unit.

3. Normal hot air in the house rises to the ceiling and therefore provides the ideal location to air-dry the wash.

4. The method of positioning poles laden with laun­dry wash outside the unit is heavy, dangerous and inconvenient.


Where can the EZ-Lift be installed?

A : Designed for indoor use. It can be installed in any residential homes, staff quarters, hostels or even in public institutions such as hospices.

How about yards with false ceiling?

A : There are two options. Wall-mounted brackets are positioned for the installation; OR, mounted onto the plaster-board ceiling reinforced by Galvanised steel rods connected to the concrete ceiling.

Will the EZ-Lift be reachable at down-mode position if the floor to ceiling is more than 2.4 metre high?

A : The ideal height to hang laundry on the EZ Lift is the user’s eye-level plus 0.3 metres. Depending on the user, the vertical displacement at down-mode position can be extended lower with the use of the ceiling bracket or wall brackets.

What is the load that the EZ-Lift can hold?

A : It can hold up to 20kg (approximately 4 washloads of a standard 5.5kg load capacity).

Country: India

Size: 1850mm (L) x 500mm (W)

(Poles can be cut to shorter length than 1850mm if needed)

Vertical displacement: 1.1m

Thickness when in up mode: 0.23m

Poles: 5 Stainless steel poles 304

Material: Stainless steel arms, poles holder & aluminium gearbox.

Load capacity: Up to 20kg

Product Warranty: 1 year